Gigs and Session

Big movement in Fighting Kites circles. Gigs and a session.
1. Sunday 11th September – The White Lion, Watford with Wartgore Hellsnicker and Kid Cosmic. This gig is FREE!!! and apparently you can get to Watford on an Oyster card. We will be playing shortly after 5, so it doesn’t matter that it’s a Sunday and you have to work the next day.
2. Saturday 17th September – playing a session on the Hello Goodbye show on Resonance fm. If you are in the central London area you can hear this on your wireless radio. If not, you can easily tune in via the internet stream.
3. October 22nd – Ryans Bar, Stoke Newington. Fighting Kites playing with Broken Shoulder and someone else tbc to launch the lovely new CD on Audio Antihero. Incidentally, you can pre-order this item in the physical version from bandcamp, or Rough Trade, or in the digital form from itunes and The bandcamp will get you a digital version as well as a CD, so must be tempting.

More news soon!


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