Fighting Kites/Broken Shoulder split out 10th October!

Finally we have made it to the release date of our split maxi-EP/album whatever you want to call it, on Audio Antihero records. It will be out on Monday but is available to order now in many places including amazon, rough trade, itunes, play and if you can’t wait till Monday, on bandcamp where you can get your download immediately and your CD will follow.
Exciting times for Fighting Kites as Cat Is Egg from the EP was played on Gideon Coe’s show on BBC 6 music this week. If you are fast you can listen again here, and hear him say some nice things about us. The world might be coming round to our point of view. To celebrate this, here is a video Luke made for Wojtek the Bear.
Finally, if you don’t trust the internet with your card details, you can pick up a copy at our launch which unconventionally is almost two weeks after the release date. Saturday 22nd of October at Ryans in Stoke Newington. There will be a two-tiered entry price so you can get in and buy the CD for a bargain price, or just come in if you don’t like recorded music.


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