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Hibernation time

January 17, 2012

So, what with the passing of time and things like that, it has come to pass that Fighting Kites will be shortly going into hibernation for quite some time. With band members set for international adventures it is likely that the band in the current line up will not play for quite some time. So, we are putting on a hibernation gig with lots of our favourite bands that we have played with over the course of our gigging history. It is this Saturday, the 21st and will be at the Victoria in Dalston. Full details here. The line up included Nitkowski, Elks, Ex-Easter Island Head, Gigantes, Benjamin Shaw in his band formation and some chancer called Broken Shoulder. It is totally free to get in, and at this show you will finally get the chance to get hold of the long awaited debut album (nice timing, eh?) at an all time bargain price of £5. Please come along and say goodbye for the time being to us.